Tournament Rules:

Winners are determined by the best of 3 matches.  The Final Championship match will be the best of 7.  If a match results in a draw, the match will be restarted and neither a win nor a loss will be counted against the Players.

The final 8 competitors will compete in the Regal Boxing Spring Showdown II event.

A “Ready Player Agreement” will be agreed upon by all players upon registration to the tournament.  The Ready Player Agreement states:

Player must voice verify before competing.  Failure to do so could result in a forfeit.

Player understands that glitches happen, the server lags, internet slows down, headsets die, controllers die, and so on.  You as the player agree to participate in your matches with all factors considered.

Player understands that this tournament is not endorsed, sponsored, or paid by Meta.  Meta is a separate entity and has no involvement or connection to/with/concerning this activity.

Player must be at the assigned match time.  If the Player does not show up at the assigned match time, it will result in an automatic forfeit.  It will be at the opponents discretion if a later match time would be acceptable.  If the player fails to show up before the conclusion of the competition day, it will result in a forfeit.  *Matches may be fought out of the tournament order in the interest of time and player availability.

Player’s Personal Boundary must be set to “OFF” only for participation in the tournament.  If a Player’s boundary is set to anything but “OFF” during their scheduled match, the Player will forfeit the match.

Player’s height must be set to normal.  To do this, the Player must press in both joysticks to be set to their default height.

If the Player intentionally glitches, the Player will forfeit.

If the Player’s internet lags, the match will be determined at the official’s discretion.

If the Player’s headset dies, the Player forfeits.

No double punching is allowed!

Other unforseen issues that could impact playability could result in a forfeit.

The only exception is if the disruption was caused by an application system error.

*AGE CONSIDERATION:  We are not affiliated with Meta, but they do occasionally send in moderators to observe in the worlds that we create for safety and security.  We have many young adults who participate with us regularly and in order to allow participation, the following may apply: “If the person entitled to a prize or any winnings is under the age of 18 years, and such prize is less than $500, the Director(s) may direct payment of the prize by delivery to an adult member of the minor’s family or guardian of the minor of a check or draft payable to the order of such minor.”

The tournament champion will receive a Regal VIP membership and a shot at competing for the RED Championship Belt.

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